ISSN : 1302-7123 | E-ISSN : 1308-5123
The Medical Bulletin of Sisli Etfal Hospital - SETB: 29 (3)
Volume: 29  Issue: 3 - 1995
1.The Relationship Between The Endometrium Thickness Measured by Transvaginal Sonography and The Histopathological Diagnosis in Cases with Postmenopausal Bleeding
Melahat Kesim, Mürvet Hakyemez, Altuğ Bağcı
Pages 9 - 13

2.Colors of Skin, Eye and Hair and Undulation of Hair in Turkish People
Leyla Ertenü, Ilknur Altunay, Adem Köşlü
Pages 14 - 19

3.Febrile Convulsions After The Age of Five Years
A. Destina Yalçın, Buket Oflazoğlu, Hulki Forta
Pages 20 - 23

4.Temporal Muscle Transfer in Facial Paralysis
R. Hakan Özcan, Ismail Kuran, Lütfü Baş
Pages 24 - 29

5.Short Term Clinical and Side Effects of Estradiol Valerate, Siproteron Acetate and Tibolon Use in The Menopausal Period
Melahat Kesim, Figen Taşer, Altuğ Bağcı, Kenan Çalışkan
Pages 30 - 35

6.Ultrasonographic Findings and Serum Beta-HCG Levels in Cases of Abortus Imminens
Almila Bal Yıldız, Nalan Karacaoğlu, Nimet Göker
Pages 36 - 41

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