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          VOLUME 51 / ISSUE 3

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9 - Results of radiofrequency ablation treatment in primary and metastatic liver cancer

Yavuz Yuksel, Cuneyt Aytekin

Objective: The aim of this present study was to retrospectively evaluate the local therapeutic efficiency of radiofrequency ablation (RFA) treatment in patients with primary and metastatic liver cancer.

Material and Methods: A total of 35 patients who had undergone RFA in our clinic were included in the study and evaluated retrospectively. Patients were grouped according to their ages, lesion’s primary or metastatic formation, number of lesions and lesion sizes. Local tumor growth, new lesion formation and general survival factors were evaluated statistically.

Results: During the follow-up after RFA treatment, the residual tumor was determined in the treatment area in only one (1.9%) lesion. Total ablation was achieved in 50 lesions (98.0%). Local tumor growth occured in 9 lesions of eight patients (17.6%). During follow-up, development of a new lesion at a different liver region was seen in 22 (62.8%) patients. Following RFA, one patient had cholecystitis while intraperitoneal minimal hemorrhage was encountered in two patients.

Conclusion: As RFA treatment protects intact liver tissues, directly targets the tumor, and the mortality and morbidity rates are lower when compared to other treatments, it is currently considered safe for the treatment of liver tumors.

Keywords: Liver cancer, local ablation, radiofrequency ablation

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