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7 - The relation between blood transfusion and arterial blood gas values in craniosynostosis surgery: a retrospective study with 23 cases

Sibel Oba, Canan Tulay Isil, Hacer Sebnem Turk, Pinar Sayin, Ferda Aybey, Inci Paksoy, Osman Turkmenoglu, Adem Yilmaz

Objective: Craniosynostosis surgery in infants may require increased blood transfusions, leading to arterial blood gas variations. In this study, we aimed to evaluate the relation between blood transfusion and arterial blood gas changes in infants during craniosynostosis surgery.

Material and Methods: Data of all children, who were operated in our neurosurgery clinic during a five-year period were screened retrospectively. Demographics, arterial blood gas sample results, transfusion requirements in children who underwent craniosynostosis surgery were recorded.

Results: The mean age of 23 cases was 19.00±16.26 months, 73.9% of the patients underwent single/multiple suture correction, and the mean duration of operation was 154.13±17.49 minutes. The mean transfused materials were 152.63±61.18 mL erythrocyte suspension and 125.00±57.74 mL fresh frozen plasma. At the end of the surgery, HCO3 was higher, base deficit was decreased and ionized calcium was higher compared to beginning and perioperative values. Preoperative and postoperative hemoglobin values (10.20±1.06 / 9.91±2.42) showed no difference (p=0.583).

Conclusions: Our data from this retrospective study has confirmed, that in children undergoing craniosynostosis surgery, perioperative and postoperative stable condition is related to adequate blood replacement compatible with arterial blood gas changes.

Keywords: Arterial blood gas, blood transfusion, craniosynostosis surgery

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