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          VOLUME 51 / ISSUE 3

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6 - Rehabilitation results of patients with traumatic brain injury

Savas Karpuz, Sami Kucuksen

Objective: The aim of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of neurological rehabilitation in patients with traumatic brain injury.

Materials and Method: Forty-five patients who were rehabilitated after traumatic brain injury were included in the study. The sociodemographic characteristics of the patients, the cause of the injury, the duration of coma and posttraumatic amnesia, the duration of stay in the other clinics after injury, the time between injury and admission to the rehabilitation clinic, the duration of stay in the rehabilitation clinic and long-term complications were determined. The functional differences between the admission of the patients and their final control examinations were compared using Disability Rating Scale (DRS), Functional Independence Measure (FIM), and Functional Ambulation Scale (FAS), and cognitive differences were compared using their recent status criteria, with Rancho Los Amigos Scale (RLAS).

Results: There was a significant improvement in the functional status of patients after neurological rehabilitation. There were statistically significant changes in DRS, FIM, FAS and RLAS scores after treatment compared to initial status. Better improvement in the functional status was detected in patients with lower initial DRS scores and higher FIM and RLAS scores.

Conclusion: The neurologic rehabilitation significantly affects the recovery of functional status after traumatic brain injury.

Keywords: Traumatic brain injury, rehabilitation, functional status

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