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12 - A new umbilicoplasty technique for forming an umbilical chalice with key and hole pattern flaps

Memet Yazar, Sevgi Kurt Yazar, Selami Serhat Şirvan, Alper Mete Uğurlu, Semra Karşıdağ

Objective: The umbilicus is a significant component of the abdomen. The size, position, depth, and shape of the umbilicus, as well as the location of the scar, are very important. While various techniques have been described in order to obtain an aesthetically appealing umbilicus, surgeons still frequently encounter complications such as visible scars and scar contractures. We present a technique that can avoid these complications while also fulfilling the aesthetic umbilicus criteria.

Materials and Methods: Between 2011 and 2014, 18 female patients underwent both abdominoplasty and umbilicoplasty, which was performed using our technique. During abdominoplasty, the umbilicus was separated from the abdominal skin as a three-armed star and ed in a Y-shaped incision. The patients were asked to evaluate and rate their new umbilici in terms of shape, depth, location, and scaring.

Results: The mean follow up period was 20 months. No umbilical complications, such as hypertrophic scarring, were observed. In general, 80% of the patients gave the procedure an 8-point rating out of a possible high of 10-point rating, indicating their satisfaction with the results.

Conclusion: In this described technique, the umbilicus is small, shallow, and oval, and the scar is less visible. The incidence of the most frequent complications, such as scar contracture and umbilical stenosis, occurs less often in our safe and versatile technique.

Keywords: Abdominoplasty, natural umbilicus, umbilicoplasty

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