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9 - The effect of atopy on asthma severity and asthma control in children with asthma

Fatma Yavuzyılmaz, Şebnem Özdoğan, Ayşenur Kaya, Pınar Karadeniz, Meltem Gümüşay Topkara

Objective: Asthma is the most common chronic inflammatory disease of airways in children worldwide. It was speculated that in the presence of atopy, asthma severity and control show alteration. In this study we aim to investigate the association between atopy and asthma control and asthma severity.

Material and Methods: Children between 6-17 years of age with diagnosis of persistent asthma, being followed in pediatric allergy and pulmonology clinics between November 2015 and January 2016 were involved. At enrollment, sociodemographic and asthmatic characteristics were investigated and asthma severity were determined and asthma control test (ACT) were administered.In order to determine the presence of atopy, the IgE levels, skin prick test and inhalant panel tests were obtained from the records. The IgE levels, skin prick tests, and inhalant panel tests were compared to asthma severity and asthma control.

Results: Out of 106 patients, 60 (56.6%) were male and 46 (43.0%) were female. The mean age was 11.2±2.7 years. There was no association between the presence of atopy and asthma control (p=0.764). The serum IgE levels, skin prick tests and serum specific inhalant allergens were significantly high in patients with severe persistant asthma (p=0.022).

Conclusion: There is an association between the presence of atopy and asthma severity but there is no association between the presence of atopy and asthma control.

Keywords: Asthma control test, asthma severity, skin prick test, inhalant allergen

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