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          VOLUME 43 / ISSUE 4

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2 - Midterm results of the traumatic hip dislocation patients

Yavuz Arıkan, Raffi Armağan, Osman Tuğrul Eren, Hasan Basri Sezer, Cem Sever, Ünal Kuzgun

Objective: Traumatic hip dislocation is an urgent condition that integrity and circulation of the hip joint spoils. In this study midterm results of the traumatic hip dislocation are informed.

Study Design: 18 of the 45 traumatic hip dislocation cases which resorted our clinic between 1995-2006 years were reached and evaluated for existence of arthrosis, avascular necrosis and sciatic nerve lesion, radiography and clinical examination findings.

Results: The follow-up period of patients was 12-126 months. Thirteen of of patients were male, 5 of them were female. According to Thompson Ebstein classification patients were classified as 2 patients type 1, 6 patients type 2, 4 patients type 3, 4 patients type 4. All of the patients were reducted closedly under general anesthesia in first 6 hours. Skeletal traction was applied for 1,5 months and no load on their lower extremity was given for 3 months. In follow-up of 2 of these 3 patients arthrosis developed.

Conclutions: Traumatic hip dislocation is a high energy injury which is usually seen in young patients and accopanied by additional injuries.Although we have a limited number of patients,development of arthrosis in 3 patients that 2 of them were type 4 (25%) and 1 of them was type 3 (25%) according to Thompson Ebstein classification, may suggest a proportional relationship between the energy of trauma and the risk of arthrosis.

Keywords: Traumatic hip dislocation, arthrosis, avascular necrosis, nerve lesion

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