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          VOLUME 43 / ISSUE 4

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1 - Comparison of the effects of general and combined spinal epidural anaesthesia on maternal and newborn in caesarean section operations

H. Fatih Korkmaz, Ayşe Hancı, Birsen Ekşioğlu, G. Ulufer Sivrikaya, Melahat K. Erol

Objective: We aimed to compare the effects of general anaesthesia versus combined spinal epidural anaesthesia on maternal haemodynamic variables and APGAR scores and umblical vein blood gas parameter of newborns.  

Study design: After the approval from Medical Ethics Committee and written informed consent, 30 parturients undergoing caesarean section operation, randomly allocated to receive either general anaesthesia (in Group GA) (n:15) or combined spinal epidural anaesthesia (Group CSEA) (n:15) were included the study. Non invasive arterial blood pressure, heart rate and peripheral oxygen saturation values were recorded before anaesthesia (baseline) and thereafter with 5 min intervals until at the end of surgical procedure. Following delivery, a segment of the umblical cord was doubtly clamped and umblical vein blood gas samples were taken and APGAR scores were recorded at 1 and 5 min.

Results: Mean arterial blood pressure (MBP) and heart rate (HR) values were significantly higher in Group CSEA compared to Group GA at 5th min (p<0.05). In the changes in MBP and HR values no treatment were required clinically in groups. In both groups, there were no significant differences in APGAR scores and umblical vein blood gas analyses of newborns

Conclusion: We concluded that; the effects of general anaesthesia and combined spinal epidural anaesthesia were similar on parturients and newborns in caesarean section operations.

Keywords: Caesarean section, anaesthesia, general, combined spinal epidural

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