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          VOLUME 50 / ISSUE 4

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7 - Pulmonary metastasis in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma

Gülpembe Bozkurt, Meltem Esen Akpınar, Didem Rıfkı, Senem Kurt Dizdar, Uğur Temel, Berna Uslu Coşkun

Objective: To identify the factors associated with pulmonary metastasis, such as lymph node positivity, tumour location and histological differentiation in patients with laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma (scc).

Material and Methods: This study is designed as retrospective cohort study. Data from 263 patients diagnosed with laryngeal scc were reviewed retrospectively. Pulmonary metastasis was observed in 39 of these patients.

Results: The transglottic tumors had the highest pulmonary metastasis rate (%50). The pulmonary metastasis rate was significantly lower in patients with glottic tumors than those with tumors in other regions (p= 0.003) The pulmonary metastasis rate was higher in lymph node-positive patients than in lymph node-negative patients. Pulmonary metastasis rate was significantly higher among patients with N2-N3 stage lymph nodes compared to those with N1 stage lymph nodes. Pulmonary metastasis rate is also increased significantly among patients with histologically poorly differentiated tumors (p= 0.001).

Conclusion: The laryngeal cancer patients with positive lymph node, with transglottic tumour and with poorly/moderately differentiated tumour should be monitored carefully and followed up closely for possible pulmonary metastasis.

Keywords: Larynx carcinoma, lymph node, pulmonary metastasis

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