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4 - Utilization of different agents in "ive embolization of emergency arterial bleeding

Ömer Fatih Nas, Gökhan Öngen, Kadir Hacıkurt, Bekir Şanal, Gökhan Gökalp, Yavuz Durmuş, Halit Ziya Dündar, Cüneyt Erdoğan

Objective: We aimed to evaluate the patients of which were diagnosed with digital substraction angiography (DSA) and were treated with endovasular emolisation by using different agents of arterial bleeding originating from upper gastrointestinal sytem (GIS), lower GIS, pulmonary system or trauma.

Material and Method: Patients who have been sent to our interventional radiology department under emergency conditions for embolization between July 2012 and April 2016 were retrospectively evaluated. For this purpose, cases in which contrast media extravasation and/or pseudoaneurysm was diagnosed with DSA as the focus of bleeding on upper GIS, lower GIS, pulmonary system or trauma were included. Success of the treatment was assessed by the absence of contrast media extravasation and/or pseudoaneurysm after the procedure.

Results: Eleven upper GIS, 5 lower GIS, 6 pulmonary and 7 traumatic (totally 29) bleeding foci were embolized successfully. Coil was used in all of 11 patients with upper GIS, 3 patients with lower GIS, 3 patients with pulmonary and 5 patients with traumatic bleeding. Coil and glue was used in 1 and acrylic microparticles in 1 patient with lower GIS bleeding. Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) was used in 1, coil and PVA in 1 and acrylic microparticles in 1 patient with pulmonary bleeding. Glue was used in 2 patients with traumatic bleeding. No contrast media extravasation and/or pseudoaneurysm were observed after the procedure.

Conclusion: Technical success rates of arterial embolization which is performed by experienced interventional radiologists increase with advances in microcatheter technology and choosing different embolic agents.

Keywords: Arterial bleeding, digital subtraction angiography, embolic agent, endovascular embolization, interventional radiologist

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