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9 - Sentinel lymph node biopsy for skin tumors

Selami Serhat Şirvan, Işıl Akgün, Kamuran Zeynep Sevim, Dağhan Dağdelen, Orhan Yenici, Ayşin Karasoy Yeşilada, Memet Yazar, Medeni Volkan Kıyak

Objective: Nodal involvement is important for the prognosis in skin cancers. In the absence of palpable lymph nodes or when the nodal involvement is suspicious, sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) is the preferred method instead of agrressive regional lymph node dissection. In our study we aimed to share our experience regarding SLNB in malignant skin tumors.

Material and Method: From August 2009 to August 2015, 30 patients (17 male, 13 female) aged between 21-81, who underwent SLNB, were analysed retrospectively. 

Results: Thirty-three SLNBs were performed in 30 patients. In all procedures sentinel lymph node was identified and excised successfully. Eight positive sentinel lymph nodes were obtained. Four patients, who had negative SLNB previously, developed symptoms on behalf of metastasis on follow-up, and underwent therapeutic lymph node dissection.

Conclusion: Patients, who have no clinical evidence of nodal involvement but suspicion of nodal status, should undergo SLNB procedure, which has a low morbidity and complication rate.

Keywords: Skin cancer, malignant melanoma, blue nevus, sentinel lymph node biopsy, squamous cell carcinoma

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