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7 - Comparative analysis of blood transfusion in the patients who underwent surgical management for right and left colon cancer

Rıza Gürhan Işıl, Pınar Yazıcı, Emre Bozkurt, Canan Tülay Işıl, Cemal Kaya, Mehmet Mihmanlı

Objective: Right colon tumor often presents with bleeding and related-symptoms. Therefore, most of these patients are diagnosed with anemia in the preoperative assessment. We aimed to investigate whether tumor location affect the frequency and volume of blood transfusion in patients who underwent colon cancer surgery.

Material and Method: A total of 192 patients who underwent colon cancer surgery between November 2007-February 2013 were included in the study. The patients were evaluated in 2 groups as patients with right colon tumor (Group A=94) and patients with left colon tumor (Group B=98). Collected data included demographic features, preoperative and postoperative hemoglobin (Hgb) values, packed red blood cell (PRBC) transfusion requirements, surgical procedures, complications and mortality results.

Results: There was no difference between the groups regarding demographic data. Preoperative Hgb values were significantly lower in Group A (10.9±2.08 mg/dL vs 11.6±2.02 mg/dL, p=0.031). Preoperative PRBC transfusion rates were significantly higher in Group A (19% vs 8%, p=0.034). While volume of in-hospital PRBC transfusion was statistically significant higher in Group A compared to Group B (0.56 U vs 0.23 U, respectively, p=0.038), the frequency of overall PRBC transfusion was similar (62% vs, 47%, p=0.06). Hospital stay, postoperative complications (18% vs 17%) and mortality (2% vs 5%) were not statistically different between two groups. Mortality was not associated with PRBC transfusion in both groups (p=0.515).

Conclusions: Preoperative Hgb values were found lower in patients with right colon cancer. This resulted in increased frequency and volume of PRBC transfusion during hospital stay but no increased mortality rate. We believe that within our results, the higher rates of transfusion in right colon cancer do not cause higher mortality and morbidity compared to patients with left colon cancer.

Keywords: Blood transfusion, colon cancer, mortality, preoperative hemoglobin

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