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9 - Retrospective evaluation of malaria hospitalized in our clinic

Özlem Gül, Dilek Yıldız Sevgi, Alper Gündüz, Aziz Ahmad Hamidi, Ahsen Öncül, Ahmet Şanlı Konuklar, Derya Özyiğitoğlu, Nuray Uzun, İlyas Dökmetaş

Objective: Malaria is an infectious disease caused by the  parasite Plasmodium genus, transmitted to humans by mosquitoes, genus Anopheles. Although there is a significant reduction in the number of malaria cases in our country, malaria still remains important globally. In this study we aimed to evaluate malaria cases hospitalized in our hospital between the years 2006-2015, retrospectively.

Material and Method: Fifteen adult patients diagnosed with malaria followed at our clinic between January 2006 - January 2015, were evaluated retrospectively for their epidemiological, clinical, laboratory findings, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

Results: All of the patients were male. The average age was 30.5. The average length of stay of patients was 7.8 days. Fourteen cases reported a history of travel abroad (Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan) and one to Southeastern Anatolia Region. None of the patients had chemoprophylaxis. In eight cases Plasmodium vivax, in seven Plasmodium falciparum was detected. Fever (100%), splenomegaly (67%), hepatomegaly (46%), anemia (66%), leukopenia (40%), thrombocytopenia (100%), elevated sedimentation rate (65%), elevated liver function tests (53%), and increased serum creatinine (26%) levels were found in patients.

Conclusion: Malaria should be in the first line for the differential diagnosis of fever in all cases with a history of travel to endemic area. Chemoprophylaxis for individuals who travel to these regions and personal protection measures are very important.

Keywords: Epidemiology, Istanbul, malaria

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