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1 - Selec-tion of appropriate pedicle for dorsal skin flap studies on rats

Tahsin Görgülü

Objective: Dorsal rat skin flaps are the most commonly used flaps in experimental researches of viability of skin flap. In many studies, modified McFarlane flaps in different sizes have been performed for researching the survival of flaps which are based not only cranially but also caudally. This usage of flaps both cranially and caudally is the biggest obstacle in comparison of the techniques preferred in studies. In order to overcome this problem we designed a study that compares survival of cranially and caudally based flaps.

Material and Methods: We formed two cranially and caudally based flap groups each containing 10 rats. In each rat we designed 11x3 cm sized cranially or caudally based flaps and we compared the survival rates. Survival rates of cranial based flaps were found significantly lower than caudally based flaps (p<0.015).

Results: Necrosis and survival rates of two groups were evaluated. Necrosis rate of group-1 and group-2 were found as 54.54% (13.90-81.20) and 32.72% (18.78-47.27), respectively. Group-1 necrosis rate was found significantly higher than group-2 (p<0.015). Group-1 and group-2 survival rates were found as 45.46% (18.79-86.10) and 67.28% (52.73-81.22), respectively. Group-1 survival rates were found significantly lower than group-2 (p<0.015).

Conclusion: In conclusion, usage of standard flap pedicle would make the results more reliable in these studies. In our opinion, it is necessary to standardize the methods of the researches accepted by all, by performing researches with a wide range of flaps with different sizes and pedicles.

Keywords: Experimental, flap, rat, survival

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