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12 - Unilateral optic nerve hypoplasia and amblyopia

Mehmet Demir, Dilek Guven, Delil Ozcan, Erdem Ergen

Objective: To present a case who has amblyopia secondary to unilateral optic nerve hypoplasia.

Case: A 13 year-old girl presented with low visual acuity in the right eye. In her complete eye examination, her best corrected visual acuity was 2/20 right eye (OD) with -0.75 and 20/20 left eye (OS) with -0.75-0.25x88. The globe movements, intraocular pressure and anterior segment examination was normal in both eyes. Examination of posterior segment showed optic nerve hypoplasia (ONH) with hypopigmented ring surrounding the optic disc in the right eye. Retinal nerve fiber layer was thinner in the right eye than the left eye. Retinal vasculature was normal in both eyes. In additon to clinical examination, both eyes were evaluated with optical coherence tomography (OCT), fundus fluorescein angiography (FFA) and visual evoked potential (VEP).

Conclusion: Amblyopia secondary to ONH is not common but it should be kept in mind as a cause of amblyopia.

Keywords: Amblyopia, hypoplasia, optic nerve, optical coherence tomography

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