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10 - Level of knowledge of the nurses work in a public hospital about the prevention of catheter associated urinary tract infections

Yildiz Kose, Yeliz Leblebici, Selma Sen Akdere, Hatice Cakmakci, Serap Otunctemur, Memet Taskin Egici, Guven Bektemur

Objective: To evaluate the level of knowledge of the nurses in Sisli Hamidiye Etfal Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, about the use of a urinary catheter to prevent urinary tract infections.

Materials and Method: A descriptive research was held in 82% of a total of 469 nurses, 111 of whom work in intensive care unit, and 271 work in the clinics and a survey was performed. Data was collected by using a five-point Likert type survey which was prepared to show demographic features and level of knowledge. The numerical values, percentages and the arithmetic mean were evalueted with One-way Anova and Kruskal-Wallis tests.

Results: The level of knowledge of nurses who have associate degree, older than 30 years, woman in gender, and have duration of professional experience of 11-15 years were found to be higher, compared to the others in prevention of catheter-associated urinary tract infections. ICU nurses have inadequate knowledge about necessary points to put urinary cathateter and what they should pay attention to care of patients who have a cathateter but; they have sufficient info about procedure to putting the catheteter.

Conclusion: The study showed that the education level, age, gender and experience of nurses affect their status of knowledge of preventing catheter-associated urinary tract infections. It was detected that the nurses didnt receive adequate training on catheter-associated urinary tract infections. They were detected to have sufficient information on how to a urinary catheter, but not enough information on catheter care, use of urine bags and the intidactions of urinary catheterization.

Keywords: Infection prevention, nursing interventions, urinary tract infection

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