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8 - The mid-term clinical results of the cases with hip prosthesis under the age of 55

Hakki Yildirim, Mehmet Mesut Sonmez, Meric Ugurlar

Objective: We aimed to evaluate the mid-term results of the hip prostheses we implanted in relatively young patients under the age of 55.

Material and Method: Fifty-four hips of 38 patients (25 female, 13 male) who are 55 and under years of age (mean 40.8, distribution 21-55), and whom underwent Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) due to coxarthrosis, with mid-term clinical and radiological follow-ups available to evaluate were involved in the study. The clinical evaluation was performed with Harris Hip Scores before and after surgery. The postoperative life qualities of our patients were measured by using Short Form - 36 (SF-36) evaluation survey. The obtained results were compared.

Results: The average age of our cases was 40.8 (distribution 21-55) years. The average Harris Hip Score of which was 36.62 before surgery was found 86.56 in the final check after surgery. Good and perfect results were obtained in 76.4% of our cases. It was concluded that the life quality of the patients got better due to their SF-36 scores of 50 points and above. When the patient satisfaction was questioned, except for 1 patient, all patients stated that they were satisfied and were better than before surgery. The one who has not been satisfied was the patient who had infection after surgery, required mulitple operations and developing permanent sciatic nerve paralysis after these operations.

Conclusion: We think that the hip arthroplasty surgery preferred for the treatment of young patients gave better results in the mid-term and increased the quality of life.

Keywords: Coxarthrosis, Hip arthroplasty, SF-36

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