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          VOLUME 41 / ISSUE 4

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5 - Comparison of phacoemulsification effect on intraocular pressure in patients with pseudoexfoliative and senile cataract

A. Burcu Dirim, Ersin Oba, Esra Türkseven, Ceylan Uslu, Hüseyin Fındık, Ulviye Yiğit

Aim: ‘To determine intraocular pressure response to phaco-emulsification in patients with pseudoexfolative and senile cataract.

Methods: We studied prospectively 40 eyes of 40 patients of which 20 of them with exfoliation ( and 20 without exfoliation senile cataract ( in the Ophthalmology Clinic of Sisli Etfal Teaching Hospital between the dates January 2005-June 2006. In this study we included over 50 ages, wide iridocorneal angle and cataract patients. In all patients intra-ocular pressure (IOP) measurement of preope-rative and postoperative 1 .day, I.month, 3.month, best cor¬rected visual acuity and routine follow up were performed.

Results: in the first and second groups, the mean preoperative IOPs were 21,20±6.30 mmHg and 18.46±6.85. There was no significant difference between two groups (p>0,05). Postoperative 3.month IOP measurements were I6.5±2.7 mmHg in the first group and 15.54±2.57 mmHg in the second group.

Conclusions: Postoperative mean IOP values decreased significantly in both pseudoexfoliative and senile without exfoliation cataract groups (p<0.001 and p<0.05). In this study there was no statistically significant difference between preoperative and postoperative mean IOP reduction values in both groups (p>0.05).

Keywords: Pseudoexfoliative syndrome (PES), senile cataract, intraocular pressure (IOP), phacoemulsification.

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