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          VOLUME 41 / ISSUE 4

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3 - The prevalence of skin disease in the geriatric population

İlteriş Oğuz Topal, Gonca Gökdemir, Adem Köşlü

Background and purpose: The geriatric population is composed of the people over 65 years of age. Skin disease is common in this population because of wide variety of dermatological conditions due to degenerative and metabolic changes occurring throughout the skin layers. Studies about prevalence of skin disease in the elderly people have been reported increasing recently. The aim of this study is to establish the prevalance of skin diseases in geriatric population in our outpatient clinic.

Methods: A total of 1108 geriatric patients who were older than 65 years-old was included in this study between October 2006 and May 2007. Each patient was examined by same physician, and the dermatological signs and demographic features were recorded.

Results: Total of 1108 patients, 65-98 years old (mean 72,4) were evaluated. There were 447 women (40,4%) and 661 men (59,6%). The distribution of patients according to dermatological problems were as follows; xerosis 49,6% (550), fungal infections 47,6% (528), benign neoplasms 39,2% (435), solar lentigo 24,1% (268), eczema 12,9% (144), pruritus 12,3% (137), premalignant lesions 7,9% (88), malignant neoplasms 5,6% (63), viral infections 4,5% (50), bacterial infections 2,4% (27), acne rosacea 1,6% (18) and the others 3,1% (35). In our clinic, the most common diseases were benign neoplasms (% 41,6), xerosis ( % 36,9), and fungal infections (% 33,5).

Conclusions: Our results were similar to the literature. It is needed to perform further studies to point out of importance of having preventive measures because of the higher risk of many dermatological diseases among this group.


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