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          VOLUME 41 / ISSUE 3

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6 - The evaluation of p53 and ki67 immune reactivity in normal and neoplastic thyroid tissues

Banu Yılmaz Özgüven, Yeşim Erdem, Fevziye Kabukçuoğlu,Tuğba Taşkın, Nedim Polat

Objective: p53 is an important transcription factor in the centre of cell cyclus coordination mechanisms. The staining of Ki67 in the tissue helps to evaluate the proliferation activity. The immunohistochemistry staining profiles in normal thyroid, fetal thyroid, hyperplastic nodule, follicular adenoma and papillary carcinoma have been investigated using p53 and Kİ67 in this study.

Study design: Fifty three thyroid operation materials diagnosed in the Pathology Laboratory of Şişli Etfal Tranining and Research Hospital, as hyperplastic nodule, follicular adenoma and papillary carcinoma were studied. Five fetal thyroid and 5 normal thyroid tissues were also included in the study. Kİ67 and p53 immunohistochemistry stains were applied. Nuclear staining was evaluated for both of the immune indicators and the number of stained cells were calculated.

Results: Immunostaining was not observed for Kİ67 or p53 stains in fetal thyroid, normal thyroid and hyperplastic nodules. Positive staining was established for Ki67 in 3 of 20 follicular adenomas, but staining was not observed for p53. In 19 of 23 papillary carcinomas, there was staining for Kİ67. In 6 of 23 papillary carcinomas, there was staining for p53. The staining rates of p53 and Kİ67 staining for the papillary carcinoma were significantly high, when compared with follicular adenoma, hyperplastic nodule, fetal thyroid and normal thyroid tissues. (p< 0,0001 for Kİ67 and p< 0,05 for p53).

Conclusions: Although papillary carcinoma are tumors with low proliferation activity, they were found to be more proliferative and have p53 gene expression when compared with benign thyroid tumors and normal thyroid tissue

Keywords: Thyroid, papillary carcinoma, p53, Kİ67

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