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          VOLUME 41 / ISSUE 3

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5 - The reaserch of the microorganisms growing in the throat cultures of healthy children

Gönül Şengöz, Kadriye Kart Yaşar, Bülent Durdu, Şemsinur Karabela, Özcan Nazlıcan

Objective: Human throat flora contains many bacteria. Crowded living environments increase colonization of pathogen microorganisms along with the normal flora bacteria that could be in the throat.

Materials-Methods: The co-existence of potential pathogen bacteria with the other ones and the existence of one class of microorganisms were also considered on the school children. Therefore, we took throat cultures from 114 healthy children aged 7 to 10 (67 male, 47 female) and evaluated them in terms of grown microorganisms.

Results: We isolated 290 bacteria from 11 different genus. Among these bacteria, isolation rates of S. pneumoniae, S. pyogenes and N. meningitidis are 7,13, 4 % respectively.

Conclusions: Finally, the bacteria which have the potential to induce a disease was found to be higher in the females than males and by the increased number of siblings, the colonization of the bacteria was also increased. This condition is very important as for the infections which may develop with such pathogens. No same class accumulation of the pathogen bacteria was observed. No specialty was found when the coexistence of the bacteria was observed.

Keywords: Nasopharyngeal carriage, throat culture

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