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          VOLUME 41 / ISSUE 1

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8 - Primary prostat lymphoma (case presentation)

Özlem Maral, Didem Karaçetin, Öznur Aksakal, Oktay İncekara

Objective: Lymphoma of prostate is an uncommon disease. We report a case of prostate lymphoma.

Methods/Results: A 60 year-old male patient was referred to the Urology department with a clinical picture of prostatism. Biopsy was performed, and pathology revealed a primary prostate lymphoma. The patient was referred to Radiation Oncology Clinic. He received 6 cycle CHOP chemotherapy and external pelvic radiotherapy. I year later inguinal lymph node metastases was detected. He received 6 cycle second line VEBEP chemotherapy. The patient is currently followed by regular visits to Radiation Oncology Clinic.

Conclusions: Of the cases reviewed, mean age at diagnosis was 57 years. Clinical behavior was with prostate symptoms, with or without acute urinary symptoms and sometimes manifestations of renal failure due to obstructive uropathy, as well as general symptoms (astenia, anorexia, weight loss). PSA values remain unaltered in prostate lymphoma patients. Histologic diagnosis may be made by transrectal prostate biopsy Ultrasound and CT scan are of great utility for diagnosis of both local and distant tumors. From a therapeutic point of view, surgery for the obstruction of the lower urinary tract (TUR or retropubic prostatectomy) may be necessary, as well as the chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Keywords: Prostat Lymphoma, chemotherapy, TUR, radiotherapy

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