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          VOLUME 41 / ISSUE 1

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7 - Syncope duo to black sea mad honey poisoning

Cemal Bes, Emine Gültürk, Fatma Paksoy, Sedat Yiğit, Fatih Borlu

Honey which is produced in Brazil, Japan, Nepal and The Black Sea Region of Turkey is also known as the ‘mad honey’ by Turkish people and contains Rhododendron ponticum nectar, which is known to cause severe bradycardia and hypotansion. Grayanotoxin I, also known as andrometoxin, is only produced by Ericaceae plants and thought to be the compound which is responsible for the poisoning. Typical toxicat ion symptoms are assosieted with gastrointestinal system and sometimes may cause life-treatening severe bradycardia and hypotension. Here we present a patient who admitted to our emergency department with the symptoms of poisoning after the with the black sea honey.

Keywords: Andromedotoxin, Mad Honey, Rhodendron Ponticum

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