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3 - Parents’ attitude and doubts about lomber punction

Metin Uysalol, Ahmet İncioğlu, Mehmet Taşdemir, Ezgi Paslı, Tülay Olgun

Objective: Lumbar puncture (LP) is a method which applied to examine the cerebrospinal fluid. LP is used in diagnose of variable diseases (infections, tumors, intracranial bleeding...i. e.) and to measure the intracranial pressure. As it’s an invasive procedure parents have doubts and anxiety towards LP.

Study Design: A study was carried out to evaluate parents’ attitude and doubts about the lumbar puncture procedure; causes and solutions to these doubts. Parents of 90 children ever applied LP before was enlisted to the study in April 2006-October 2006. A questionnaire was filled by doctor after interview with one of the parents (usually mother). The questionnaire was consist of child’s indication for LP, sociocultural and demographic data about the parents, their initial reaction to the procedure, doubts about LP and thoughts after doctors talk to persuade. Charts were formed about the data we collected and the results evaluated with the SPSS 11. 0 statistical program.

Results: Most of the children’s indication for LP was CNS infections (%54.4), and some of them was fever of unknown origin (%22.2). %51.1 of the parents approved LP in the first hand, %46.6 of them were first denied but persuaded after the interview with the doctor. Paralysis was the most common (%60) doubt.

Conclusions: Parents tend to deny LP in the first hand; this situation is a problem preventing the diagnosis of diseases like CNS infections and intracranial bleeding which are life threatening. We have to acquaint the families and the community about the procedure by media, not to delay the diagnosis of serious diseases.

Keywords: LP, parents, doubt

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