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          VOLUME 41 / ISSUE 1

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2 - Determining the catchment area of Şişli Etfal Training and Research Hospital the department of radiation oncology

Mehtap Çalış, Orhan Kizilkaya, Berrin Yalçın, Öznur Aksakal, Oktay İncekara

Objective: Being the main death cause and medico-social problems of the disease makes statistics of cancer have become more important.

Study Design: We aimed to participate with this study to the cancer statistics of our country by doing a retrospective research of the patients who applied to The Department of Radiation Oncology of Şişli Etfal Training and Research Hospital to determine catchment area by sorting them to their dwelling, sex, age, diagnosis and social guarantee.

Results: 20.467 patients have applied to our clinic between 17.09.1984 and 24.10.2001. Ratio of women/men was 0.59. Frequently seen age group was between 61 and 70. The first 3 countries of which the most the patients came from: Istanbul (n=2307,15,7%), Kastamonu (n=670,4,5%) and Sivas (n=654 , 4,4%).

Conclusions: After 1984 the increase of clinics reputation, using new radiation instruments, increase in the quality of equipment and number, multidiciplinary work rised the patient numbers. Being a goverment hospital and applying surgery, radiotheraphy and chemotherapy without a fee to all social security associations patients who have cancer is an important factor.

Keywords: catchment area, cancer, Sisli Etfal Hospital, Istanbul

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