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7 - Insulin-like growth factor (IGF-I) and CA 15-3 values in primary breast cancer patients

Nihal Yücel, Şebnem Ciğerli, Berna Aslan, Cazibe Batı, Nezaket Eren

Objective: In this study, we investigated the the efficacy of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-I) on the diagnosis of primary breast cancer when measured along with carbonhydrate antigen 15- 3(CA 15-3).

Study Design: 40 primary breast cancer patient consulted in the General Surgery Department of Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty and 30 healthy women were included in the study. The patients were divided into two groups as premenapausal and postmenopausal. IGF-1 and CA 15-3 measurement were performed with chemiluminescence method in Liaison immunoassay analyser.
br> Results: The mean plasma IGF-I levels was 140,8±90,6 ng/ml in premenopausal patient group, and 109,9±48,6 ng/ml in postmenopausal patient group. In control group, IGF-I levels were 126,6±40,7 ng/ml in premenopausal and 110,3+60,4 ng/ml in postmenopausal individuals. There was not any difference between two groups (p-0,9, and p=0,5 respectively). In beast cancer patients, the mean serum Ca 15-3 levels was 24,8±34,07 Ulml. Only 4 patients (%10) had results over 30 Ulml which was accepted as cut-off value. The mean serum Ca 15-3 values in control group was 17,8±8,0 Ulml which was not significantly different from the patients results (p-0.1). 0

Conclusions: Finally, we concluded that IGF-I alone or along with CA15-3 is not a useful screening test for the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Keywords: Breast cancer, insulin-like growth factor (IGF-I), carbonhydrate antigen 15-3 (CA 15-3).

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