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          VOLUME 40 / ISSUE 4

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4 - Prevalence and demographic features of patients with sexually transmitted diseases in dermatology out-patient clinic

Gonca Gökdemir, Aslı Küçükünal, Adem Köşlü

Background and Purpose: Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) present a major public health and economic problem. Increases in STDs have been reported from the United States and Europe in recent years. However, there are a few reports about STDs in Turkey. Our aim was to indicate the prevalence and demographic features of patients with STDs in our dermatology out-patient clinic.

Methods: In this study, 172 patients (124 men, 48 women) was enrolled between September 2005-September 2006. Demographic features, diagnoses, history of previous STDs and personal protection methods were reported.

Results: The mean age of study population was 34 (16-70) years and %6.9% were married. With respect to demographic features, there was no statistically difference between female and male patients. Out of 172 patients, condyloma accuminata (79%) was the most frequent disease. Molluscum contagiosum in 32 (18.6%), syphilis in 24 (13.9%), vulvovaginal canidiasis in 6 (3.4%) and genital herpes in 4 (2.3%) patients were found.

Conclusion: The prevalance of STDs in our dermatology outpatient clinic was %0,71. We suggest that the multicenter and multidiciplinary studies about STDs are needed in Turkey.

Keywords: Sexually transmitted diseases, condyloma accuminata, personal protection methods

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