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2 - Comparison of postoperative analgesia methods in pediatric lower abdominal surgery

Nilgün Kılınçoğlu, Sibel Oba, İnci Paksoy, Özgür Özbağrıaçık

Objective: In this study, we compared the efficiency and side effects of the postoperative analgesia methods in pediatric population undergoing outpatient lower abdominal surgery.

Study design: After induction of anesthesia, patients were randomly divided into 3 groups. At the end of surgery, the first group of patients (n-10) were administered 1 mg/kg 0,25 % bupivacain in incision site, the second group (n-10) received 20- 25 mg/kg rectal paracetamol. The third group (n-10) had caudal block with 2mglkg bupivacain diluted with saline to obtain Iml/kg solution. Peroperatively, patients’ heart rale and 02 saturation levels were monitorised and during 6 hours postoperatively, respiratory> rate, heart rate, sedation and modified TPPPS pain scale were noted for all the patients every hour In the next 6 hours, the same parameters were followed up by phone, in discharged patients. According to modified TPPPS pain score, rectal 20-30 mg/kg paracetamol were administered to the patients who had a score level more than 3. And this treatment was continued at home .Chi-square and Fisher’s exact test were used for statistical analyses. p<0,05 was considered statistically significant.

Results: The recovery time was significantly long in the 3rd group and the first hour pain score in the 2nd group was statistically high. (p<0,05) In 3 patients of the 3rd group, side effects such as nausea and vomiting, urine retention were observed.

Conclusion: We believe that the infiltration of local anesthetic in incision site or the administration of rectal paracetamol may be a good alternative to caudal block in pediatric patients undergoing outpatient lower abdominal surgery.

Keywords: Pediatric, analgesia, infiltration, rectal paracetamol, caudal block

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