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          VOLUME 40 / ISSUE 2

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6 - Prevolance of chromonychia and discoloration of lunula

Ilteriş Oğuz Topal, Gonca Gokdemır, Adem Köşlü

Background and objective: Nail discolouration (chromonychia) may be a helpful diagnostic tool as a part of confirmation of dermatological and systemic disease.There are a few case reports in the literature to date.However, there are no reports about prevalance or etiological factors of chromonychia. We aimed to determine the prevalence and features of chromonychia in our outpatient clinic.

Material and Method: In our open study a total of 1627 patients were randomly recruited from the outpatient clinic of Sisli Etfal Research and Training Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey. Age, sex, race and chief complaint were recorded for each patient. The photographs of the nails of the patients were taken. Results: Chromonychia was present in 338 patients (20.7%) of 1627 patients. The most frequent colours which caused chromonychia were yellow (47.3%), white (25.1%) and red (%15,6). The most frequent disease were onychomycosis (42.3%), leukonychia (25.1%) and henna (15.3%).

Conclusion: Chromonychia includes various etiological factors. Pigmentation abnormalities of nails may suggest systemic and dermatological disease. A careful examination should he made and a wise clinical history should be taken from patients.

Keywords: Chromonychia, leukonychia, nail discoloration, onychomycosis

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