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          VOLUME 40 / ISSUE 2

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5 - Our practice of regional anesthesia in orthopedic surgery between 2000-2004 years

Ayda Başgül, Güneri Atalan, Ayşe Hancı, G. U. Sivrikaya

Objective: Regional anesthesia is the method of choice in the major lower extremity surgery. While it is blunted of the endocrine and metabolic response to surgery, it also decreases blood loss and tromboembolic complications (I). Regional anesthesia is more attractive to patients and surgeons due to the recent introductions of improved techniques and catheters for continuous peripheral nerve blocks which brings less opioid consumption, earlier patient rehabilitation and higher patient satisfaction (2,3). In this retrospecive sucly, we aimed to evaluate current anesthetic practice and regional anesthesia enthusiasm in our clinic.

Study Design: Our clinic documentations belong to 2000- 2004 years are analysed with retrospectively.

Results: Our range of regional anaesthesia was 21.98 % in between 2000-2004 years. The most preferable type of regional anaesthesia was found to be spinal anaesthesia. Our success rate in regional anesthesia for orthopedic surgery was found to be 97.48 %.

Conclusions: General anestesia has first choice in orthopedic surgery in our clinic managements. Using of regional anesthesia has got respectively decreased ratio through these years.Spinal anesthesia has still most preferable choice in regional anesthesia in our practise.

Keywords: Regional anesthesia, prevalance,orthopedic surgery

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