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          VOLUME 40 / ISSUE 2

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3 - Clinical features of patients, complaining of recurrent aphthous stomatitis

Koray Özkan, Tuğba Rezan Ekmekçi, Adem Köşlü

Objective: To investigate the frequency of Behçet’s disease and complex aphthosis in the patients complaining of recurrent aphtous stomatitis and clinical features in the patients with recurrent aphtous stomatitis.

Materials And Methods: Fifty patients who presented with recurrent aphtous stomatitis were included. Patients were investigated for both Behçet’s disease and complex aphthosis, then, were interrogated about clinical presentation, localization, the frequency of aphthae, the duration of both healing and disease, the use of prosthetic material, smoking, atopy, family history, associated with systemic and dermatologic disease.

Results: 2 Patients out of 50 (%4) had Behcet’s disease, nine patients out of 50 had complex aphthosis(%18), and 39 had RAS(%78). While observing minor aphthae in most cases (%75,38), we didn’t observe any Herpethiforme aphthae. Aphthae were localized on lips in most of the cases (%44,6I). While major aphthae were observed to heal the la¬test lesion, major and minor aphthae had the longest duration and, highest repetition. Female studies had more minor aphthae(%75), whereas males had more major aphthae(%75). Thirteen patients had a family history (%33,33), and five patients had atopy (%12,82). Seven patients were smokers (%I7,94), six patients were using oral prothesis (%I5,2). Patergy testing was positive in only one patient (%2,56).

Conclusion: Complex aphthosis was relatively frequent in patients suffering from RAS. The clinical features in patients with RAS, showed no difference from other trials reported before.

Keywords: aphthae, Behçet, complex aphthosis, recurrent aphtous stomatitis.

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