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          VOLUME 40 / ISSUE 1

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9 - Metastatic overian carcinoma

Atıf Akyol, İnci Davas, Ahmet Varolan, Eser Ağar, Ali Yazgan, Başak Baksu, Ayşiın Özağar, Can Çalışkan

Background: Our aim in this case was a patient who was preoperatively diagnosed as primary ovarian carcinoma although the diagnosis of the patient was verified postoperatively, depending on our surgical exploration, our demand for further pathological research showed that it was indeed metastatic breast carcinoma.

Case: Patient, virgin and 41 years of age was interned with the complaint of abdominal distention. After the observations, bilateral cystic mass with solid components, localised in the whole abdominal cavity was found. Patient was operated with the diagnosis of primary ovarian carcinoma: During the exploration we thought that the case wasn’t primary, but could be considered as metastatic. We ordered superior research from the pathology department. As a result of all examinations, it was found out that the case was the metastasis of breast carcinoma to the ovary.

Conclusion: Although the metastatic ovarian carcinoma is rarely seen than the primary ovarian carcinoma, our request for further pathological research, has yielded once more the importance of surgical exploration and clinical experience while diagnosing the case as metastatic ovarian carcinoma.

Keywords: Ovary, carcinoma, breast, metastasis

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