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          VOLUME 40 / ISSUE 1

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5 - (Musculoskeletal pain among healthcare personnel working in the hospital)

Füsun Şahin, Figen Yılmaz, Tülay Şahin, Raikan Soydemir, Özlem Yılmaz Sinem Yamaç, Banu Kuran

Objective: To investigate the frequency of musculoskeletal pain (MSA), sick reports, medical visits, and job satisfaction among hospital workers.

Material and Method: MSA complaints, duration of sick leaves, and the number of referrals to a physician among healthcare personnel of our hospital were interrogated using questionnaires. For job satisfaction “Work Stress Questionnaires" (WSQ) were used.

Results: The forms of questionnaires were distributed to 214 individuals (100 physicians, 42 nurses, 32 auxiliary personnel, 22 technicians, 18 secretaries/officials). Sixty eight percent (n=147) of them were female, while 32% (n=67) were male personnel. Mean age was 31,6±7,2 years (20-51 years), and mean duration of the study was 8,3±7,7 years. Eighteen percent of the healthcare workers were not satisfied with their work, while 67,3% of them expressed their satisfaction. Hundred and seventy three (42,2%) personnel worked while experiencing pain, however 41 (19%) of the workers were painless. Painful regions in order of decreasing frequency were back (26.4%), low back (24,1%), neck (21,6%), hand-wrist (8,8%), and elbow (4,3%). Seventy three personnel (42,2%) referred to a physician, and totally 91 visits to physicians were realized. The established diagnoses were lumbar disk hernia, cervical disk hernia, fibromyalgia, myalgia, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and mechanical low back pain. In 21 (23%) of 91 physician referrals, sick reports were taken with mean duration of sick leave being 3,5 ±18,9 days. According to WSQ, some workers (84%) stated that their tasks required higher levels of skill, 69,2% of them mentioned that they decided by themselves about the job, while exposure, to psychological (51%) and physical (69%) stresses were also reported. Half of the personnel (50%) specified that they had received social support.

Conclusion: In a survey performed in our hospital on 214 healthcare personnel with mean age of 32 years, 81% of the workers complained of MSA. The most painful regions were back, low back, neck, and shoulders. Forty two percent of the personnel suffered from pain referred to a physician. Twenty percent of physician referrals resulted in sick leaves with a mean duration of 3,5 days. Nearly 50 percent of workers felt psychological strains. 69 percent of workers felt physical strains, while 67% of them were satisfied with their work.

Keywords: Work related disease, work related pain, hospital workers, nurses, ergonomy

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