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2 - Prevalance and severity of symptoms in patients with laryngopharyngeal reflux disease

İbrahim Ercan, Burak Ömür Çakır, Müge Özçelik, Canan Alkım, Suat Turgut

Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the severity and frequency of complaints related to the ear, nose and throat in patients proven to have LPR or patients presenting with symtomps related to LPR.

Study Design: Patients who applied to the ear, nose and throat clinic of Şişli Etfal Hospital with symptomps of LPR and 36 patients proven to have LPR were included in the study. A questionnare of 20 questions regardy the presence, severity and frequency of symptomps were asked to be completed by patients later answers were processed to ases the frequency or patients symptoms due to reflux and the mean severity valve when these symptoms were present.

Results: According to our study the most frequent symptomps patients in our study complained about were “hoarseness” (%86) and the urge to continously clear the throat (%80) when mean severity of symtomps was assessed; on a scale of 0-4. The most severe complaints were a lump in the throat (3.57) and loss of taste sensation (3.00).

Conclusion: As depicted in our study smptomps of LPR may be completely independent of complaints regerding the stomach. This indicates that patients with LPR may present with a wide range of symptoms implying that when such symptoms are present LPR should come to mind and a concise examination should be performed for the diagnosis of LPR.

Keywords: Larengopharyngeal reflux, gastroesophagel reflux, hoarseness.

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