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          VOLUME 39 / ISSUE 4

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6 - Breast cancer under age 35

Öznur Aksakal, H. Orhan Kızılkaya, Ahmet Uyanoğlu, Fatih Akyüz, Ayşe Doğan, Oktay İncekara, Canan Tanık

Objective: Breast cancer is quite rare, in the 35 and under age group and it. is believed that it is more agressive when it occurs in this age group. The purpose of our study is retrospectively examine the tumor characteristics, the progression of the disease and survival rates of 86 patients which fall into this age group.

Study Design: 86 patients treated in between. I989-I998 in our department, and followed up for at least 6 months were examined in this study.

Results: The median age was 30 (the youngest being 23; oldest 35) invasive ductal carcinoma was the most frequently observed histological type (87,2 %). Modified Radical Mastectomy was the most applied surgical procedure (74,4 %). 63,9 % of the patients had positive Axillar leaf nodes. According to the TNM was classification, the distruhition of stages among patients was as follows; Stage!: 4 (4,7%) patients, Stagell: 49 (56,9 %) patients, Stage III: 27 (31,4%) patients, Stage IV: 6 (7%) patients. Adjuvant Radiotherapy was applied to 76,7 % of the patients. FEC had been the most utilized chemotherapy regime (67,7 %). 53,5% of the patients were administred hormonal therapy. With a follow-up overage of 37 monthsfmin 6-max 114), in 27 (31,4%) patients, local and!or distant metastasis occured and 11 (12,8 %) patients died. In the above mentioned follow-up period, Disease Free Survival (DFS) rate was 68,6% and Overall Survival (OS) rate was 87%.

Conclusion: In the median 37 (6-114) months follow-up 86 breast. cancer patients 35 and under age group DFS was %68,6 and OS was %87. As a. conclusion, it can be asserted that for the mentioned age group, breast, cancer shows for more agressive tumor characteristics. However, due to the fact, that the average follow-up period was short,this conclusion can not be accepted as fact.,as yet.

Keywords: Breast Cancer, 35 and under.

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