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          VOLUME 39 / ISSUE 4

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5 - The probable effects of sub clinical varicocele on sperm parameters diagnosed by color doppler ultrasonography in male infertility problem

Ahmet Nedim Kahraman, Ayşe Deniz Kahraman, Ahmet Mesrur Halefoğlu, Nuran Yılmaz

Object: We investigated the effects of subclinical varicocele on semen parameters detected by color doppler ultrasonography.

Material and method: 40 infertile patients with varicocele were evaluated. Patients with nonpalp able varicocele whose reflux were + and vein diameter smaller than 2.7 mm in doppler ultrasound were diagnosed as subclinical varicocele. Patients were separated in 3 groups: Right subclinical - left clinical varicocele (Group 1), bilateral subclinical varicocele (Group 2), only left subclinical varicocele (Group 3).

Results: No statistical significant difference was found in the patient age (p=0.486), male infertility duration (p= 0.481), sperm motility (p= 0.8305) and sperm morphology (WHO p= 0. 764) among groups..Mean testis volume of group 2 were statistically significant greater than group 1 (right testis p=0.023, left testis p=0.024) Total motil sperm counts were decreased in all groups and there was no statistical significant difference between groups (p=0.550)

Conclusion: There were no statistical significant difference on semen parameters between groups we evaluated. Therefore, our study has justified, that controversery and indefinity on the diagnosis and treatment of subclinical varicocele.

Keywords: Semen parameters, subclinical varicocele, varicocele

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