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          VOLUME 39 / ISSUE 4

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4 - The importance and the place of computed tomography in the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis

Levent Dalar, Firdevs Atabey, Fatih Ayyildiz, S. Kerem Okutur Salim Sariyildiz, Nermin Kılıçkesmez, Recep Dodurgali Hanife Can, Arman Poluman

The diagnosis is made by bacteriology and radiology in pulmonary tuberculosis. But, the diagnosis is delayed and complicated since tuberculosis mimics other pulmonary diseases radiologically and the bacilli cannot always be defined rapidly. However, early diagnosis is very important as it prevents the contagiosity of the infected subject. In this study, we evaluated computerised tomography (CT) images of 227 subjects hospitalised in our clinic between 1999-2002, for the distribution and the features of the lesion (aciner, reticular, nodular, cavitary, enlargement of the hilus, mass). Upper zones were most frequently involved in 76.3% (n-167) and typical cavitary lesion has been detected in 53.7% (n=122) of the cases. Enlargement of the hilus was present in 1.3% (n-3) of the subjects. To conclude, CT seems to be very important and precious in the early diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis.

Keywords: Pulmonary tuberculosis, Computed tomography, Chest X-ray

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