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10 - Cerebral atrophy and mini mental state in multipl sclerosis

Kemal Barkut, Şerefnur Öztürk, Şenay Özbakır

Objective: In this study bifrontal and bicaudate indexes of the patients with MS were compared with normal values and by doing this was aimed to investigate primarily if there was atrophy in MS ,if these alterations had relations with the patient age, gender , duration of the disease clinical functional state (score of EDSS), MMS, by using MRI.

Study design: 34 patients with MS were included in the study.Poser‘s classification and clinical typing were madeln cranial MRI bifrontal and bicaudate indexes were calculated.The demographical properties of the patients , the scores of EDSS, the score of MMS were recorded.

Results:The group of patients was formed by 18 women (mean age 31,7229.266) and 16 men (mean age 33,750±10.516).When compared with the normal values ,in patients bicaudate indexes (16,378±3,482) were not very different than the normal control values (mean 15,9±2,8). In patients group bifrontal indexes mean were found prominently high (35,6876,607) than the normal correlation values (31,1 ±3,7)(p<0,001). A significant correlation between the duration of the disease and bifrontal index values was established (404;p<0,0109). Gender, smoking didn’t cause any difference in index values.

Conclusion: As conclusion it was considered that in patients with MS cerebral atrophy was one of the important findings which should be fallowed and for this purpose the measuring of bifrontal and bicaudate indexes were easy methods that could be used.

Keywords: MS, Multiple sclerosis, Atrophy,MMS

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