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          VOLUME 36 / ISSUE 2

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6 - Cerebral blood flow velocity measurements using by colour doppler ultrasonography in neonatals

Muzaffer Başak, Hülya Değirmenci, Hüseyin Özkurt, Mehmet Ertürk, Füsun Okan

Objective :To Investigate the effect of gestational age and birth weight to cerebral blood flow velocities in terms and preterms, who are at high risk for brain damage in neonatal intensive care unit.

Study design: 24 preterm and 13 term newborns were studied by transcranial doppler USG via anterior fontanel to evaluate the relation between gestational age and birth weight by using anterior cerebral artery and middle cerebral artery‘s peak sistolic velocities and Pourcelot‘s resistive index measurements

Results : We took in 1500 gram and 37. gestational age for the borderline and above this criters there was a significant increase of arterial blood flow velocity but not for the resistive index as assesed by unpaired Student‘s t test

Conclusions . There is a close relation between cerebral blood flow measurements and gestational age or birth weight. As a great number of parameters can influence normal cerebrovascular otoregulation and we can evaluate the early flow profile changes by using transcranial doppler USG which is non-invasif and indirect way.

Keywords: cerebral blood flow velocity, color and pulsed wave doppler ultrasonography, neonatal, gestational age and weight

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