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          VOLUME 36 / ISSUE 2

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4 - Administiratiorı rates of routine vaccines for the infant inpatients in Sisli Etfal research and education hospital

Feyzullah Çetinkaya, Metin Uysalol, Özgür Beceren, Günsel Kutluk, Merih Evrüke

Objective: The aim of this study is to evaluate the administration rates of BCG, diphteria- pertussis- tetanus (DPT), measles, polio and hepatitis B and the factors affecting these rates in 1-24 months old inpatients of the 3rd Pediatric Clinic ofSisli Etfal Research and Education Hospital which is located in downtown (central) Istanbul and has a patient profile largely composed of patients from low and very low socio-economic background.

Study Design: All of the 1-24 months old inpatients admitted in the first three months of2001to the 3rd pediatric clinic of the Sisli Etfal Research and Education Hospital were included in the study. Vaccination history for BCG, DPT, polio, measles and hepatitis B is investigated.

Results: The average age of the 250 patients included in the study was 7.6±5.4 months and the male: female ratio was 1.63. Proper vaccination rates for BCG, measles, DPT, polio, and hepatitis B were 70.5%, 47.5%, 35.9%, 35.0% and 22.4%, respectively. Four of five vaccines were found to be missed in 50% of the 250 patients and full vaccination schedule was completed by only one patient. Four (2%) infants in the study group were not administered any vaccines. The reasons for missing or absent vaccination were sickness in the vaccination time for 56.6% of cases, lack of information of the family in 42.1% of the cases and ignorance and lack of interest for 1.3% of the cases. It was also found that 30.6% of the 250 patients had at least one admission to a health care center in the past.

Conclusion: Administration rates of the routine vaccines is very low for the study group in question. It is believed that taking advantage of the chances to initiate the vaccination schedule might significantly increase the vaccination rates.


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