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          VOLUME 39 / ISSUE 3

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8 - Comparison of coinduction with propofol-midazolam combination to induction with propofol

G. Ulufer Sivrikaya, Hale Dobrucali, Ayşe Hancı, Nevşin B.Arda

Objective: Anaesthesia induction with two or more drugs is defined as “coinduction". In our study we aimed to compare propofol administration for anaesthesia induction and combination with midazolam for coinduction.

Study Design: After the approval by the Medical Ethics Committee of our hospital, 40 patients in ASA I-II physical status randomized into two groups as propofol (Group P) and coinduction (Group C) groups. Anaesthesia was induced with fen- tanyl followed by propofol which was given till the loss of eyelash reflex and atracurium. In Group C 0.03 mg/kg midazolam was given before propofol different than Group P. Anaesthesia was maintained with propofol infusion and %33 N20 in 02. Haemodynamic parameters were recorded before induction and at 3., 5., 10. and 15. after induction and 15 mill intervals per and postoperatively. Propofol dose at induction, propofol injection pain, recovery, side effects were also recorded. Results were analysed with analyses of variance and ki kare tests, p<().()5 was considered as significant.

Results: Propofol dose at induction and incidence of propofol injection pain were lower in Group C. Recovery and side effects were similar between groups. Although the haemodynamic parameters were lower in Group P than Group C at induction, these parameters were similar between the groups per and postoperatively.

Conclusion: Combination of propofolmidazolam for coinduction reduced dose of propofol for induction, prolonged recovery shortly and decreased the incidence of side effects compared to propofol administration for anaesthesia induction.

Keywords: Coinduction, propofol, midazolam.

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