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          VOLUME 39 / ISSUE 3

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6 - Cognitive dysfunction in thalamic infarctions: Its relation with infarct localization

Gülay Kenangil, Dilek Necioğlu, Işıl Satılmış, Münevver Çelik, Hulki Forta

Objective: In our study we aimed to investigate the cognitive dysfunction in thalamic infarctions and its relation with the localization of the infarction and its effect to activities of the daily living.

Study Design: 2 / patients with the diagnosis of thalamic infarction were grouped as paramediafi artery infarction, polar artery. infarction and inferolateral artery infarction using brain cranial tomography or magnetic resonance imaging. All patients had cognitive evaluation with minimental state examination, digit span, word generation procedure (semantic), drilled word span procedure, drawing a clock and copying a cube.

Results: Cognitive dysfunction was more common in patients with paramedian and‘polar artery infarctions. In inferolateral artery infarctions cognitive dysfunction was seldom and none of the patients with cognitive dysfunction were educated in this group. Cognitive dysfunction was also prominent in patients with bilateral thalamic infarctions.

Conclusions: Cognitive dysfunction in thalamic infarctions were more common in paramedian and polar artery infarctions where as it is less common in inferolateral infarctions. Education can affect cognitive status. We decided that bilateral thalamic infarctions may . be a risk factor for cognitive dysfunction free of the localization of the lesion.

Keywords: thalamic infarction, cognitive dysfunction

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