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          VOLUME 43 / ISSUE 3

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5 - Mid-term results of the surgical treatment of pediatric supracondylar humerus fractures via medial approach

Onat Üzümcügil, Ahmet Doğan, Mehmet Yetiş, Nikola Azar, Merter Yalçınkaya, Yavuz Kabukçuoğlu

Purpose: To evaluate retrospectively the mid-term results of the patients with supracondylar humerus fractures surgically treated by open reduction and internal fixation via medial approach.

Patients and Methods: 33 patients with Gartland extension type III supracondylar humerus fractures after a fall who were surgically treated in our clinic by open reduction and internal fixation by 2 cross K-wires via medial approach were included in the study. The wires were removed between the third and fourth weeks postoperatively due to the radiological assesment of the bony union. By the comparison with the uneffected side, the last noted range of motion and carrying angle values were evaluated in terms of Flynn criteria.

Results: The mean follow up period was 27.6 months(range 14-58). The results of the evaluation of the range of motion and carrying angle values in terms of Flynn criteria consisted of %100 satisfactory results cosmetically (carrying angle), %67 satisfactory and %33 poor results functionally (motion restriction).

Conclusions: Open reduction and internal fixation via medial approach may be considered as a feasible technique with its less complication rates in the surgical treatment of the pediatric supracondylar humerus fractures which can not be managed with closed reduction.

Keywords: Pediatric, supracondylar fracture, humerus, medial approach

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