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          VOLUME 39 / ISSUE 2

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12 - Radiologic findings in a case of hypothalamic hamartoma

Hakan Yıldırım, Handan Uçankale, Ender Uysal, Tuğrul Örmeci, Muzaffer Başak

Hypothalamic hamartoma, also called tuber cinereum hamartoma is a rarely seen lesion located between the infundibular stalk anteriorly and the mamillary bodies posteriorly. These lesions are few milimeters to I -2 centimetres in size and composed of nonneoplastic heterotopic normal neuronal tissue. Clinically two distinc presentations have been noted, accompanied with precocious puberty or seizure. Since the diagnosis depends on the radiologic demonstration of the lesion in the presence of appropriate clinical setting, an appropriate imaging technique should be used, with detailed examination for small sized lesions. Biopsy is not an option mostly even for lesions with a larger size because of central location and this shows the importance of radiologic imaging and differential diagnosis. In this report we discussed the radiologic imaging features of hypothalamic hamartoma detected in 9 months old male patent.


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