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          VOLUME 39 / ISSUE 2

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5 - The role of conventional radiography, ultrasonography and computed tomography in ureterolithiasis

Hüseyin Özkurt, Soner Güney, Tuğrul Örmeci, Barış Türk, Can Kiremit, Muzaffer Başak

The aim of our study was to compare non-contrast spiral CT, US and X-ray kidney, ureter and bladder (KUB) in the evaluation of patients with urinary tract calculi. During the study period of February 2002 to December 2002, 51 patients (35 male,!6 female) with suspected renal colic or ureteral colic in the urology department of our hospital underwent non- contrast spiral CT US and X-ray KUB. On CT. II patients had renal calculi, 20 patients had ureteral calculi and 14 patients had other urinary tract pathologies. 9 patients had renal and ureteral calculi in the same time.7 patients were normal. 23 calculus were greater than 3 mm (% 73.9): 6 calculus were 3 mm and smaller (%20.6) on spiral CT. All the 6 calculus which diameter 3 mm and smaller were detected on CT(%]()0), only 3 of this small calculus were detected on US (% 50) and only 2 of them detected on X -ray KUB(% 33).All the 23 calculus which diameter greater than 3 mm were detected on CT (%100), 7 of them were detected on US (% 30.4) and 7 of them detected on X -ray KUB(% 30.4). In our study, the sensitivity of X-ray KUB was %3I and specificity was % 95: the sensitivity of US was % 34, specificity was % ¡00 and the sensitivity of CT was %100 and specificity was %97. When appreciating all the advantages and. disadvantages of non-contrast spiral CT, it should be reserved for cases where US and X-ray KUB do not show the cause of symptoms


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