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4 - The role of stereotactic excisional biopsy in nonpalpable breast lesions

Gürkan Yetkin, Mehmet Uludağ, Bülent Çitgez, Abdülcabbar Kartal

Objective: To assess the excisional biopsy results that is performed with wire localization procedure, of patients with nonpalpable breast lesions.

Material and Methods: 124 patients with nonpalpable lesions of a diameter of less than 1 cm, and with a malignity risk, which were detected at mammography or breast USG that were performed after routine breast examination between January 2003- June 2008 at 2. general surgery polyclinic of Şişli Etfal Training and research hospital, were included in the study.

Results: The mean age of 124 patients were 51.4, with the oldest one was 73, and the youngest was 28 years old. According to the histopathological examination, 100 patients (%80.64) had benign and 24 patients (%19.36) had malign lesions. The distribution of the malign lesions were as follows: 15 invasive ductal carcinoma, 6 lobular carcinoma, and 3 in situ carcinoma. With the prognostic factors taken into consideration in patients with malign lesions, 3 patients had breast- conserving surgery and sentinel lymph node biopsy, 2 patients had breast-conserving surgery and axillary curettage, 6 patients had mastectomy, and 13 patients had modified radical mastectomy.

Conclusion: We think that the excisional biopsy that is performed with wire localization procedure, is a valuable technique to detect the malignity, and to help the decision of second operation in nonpalpable breast lesions.

Keywords: Nonpalpable breast lesion, needle localised breast biopsy

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