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          VOLUME 39 / ISSUE 1

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1 - Evaluation of demographic data of the patients with glaucoma and their compliance to therapy

İsmail Öncül, Ulviye Yiğit, Hasan Vatansever, Ersin Oba, Fatma A.Koca

Purpose: To evaluate demographic data of the patients that cire followed up in our glaucoma department ancl their compliance to medical therapy.

Study Design: 343 eyes of 177 glaucoma patiens that had followed up in our glaucoma department ofSiçli Etfal Hospital between November 2002 and May 2003 were examined.Patients were classified according to: age, sex, family history, type of glaucoma, accompanying systemic diseases, refractive errors, mean intraocular pressure measured at the onset of the treatment, control of the intraocular pressure either by medical or combined therapy, number of drugs that were used and compliance of the patients to medical therapy. The patients who had only surgical therapy were excluded from our study.

Results: Mean age was 64.6±lI years cunt male/female ratio was 581119, family history were present in II .3%, 70.68% of the patients had primary open angle glaucoma, 11.69% had narrow angle glaucoma, 5.9% aphakicpseuclophakic glaucoma, 4.43% pseudoexfoliative glaucoma, 2.7% pigmentary glaucoma, 0.5% juvenile glaucoma, 4.3% had secondary glaucoma. 12.02% of patients had accompanying diabetes, 9.6% hypertension, 9.7% diabetes and hypertension. 29,57% hypermetropic/, 18,30% myopia, 45,13% emmetropia, 7.3% mixed astigmatism was identified. Mean intraocular pressure before the treatment was 23.0±8.I mniHg. 76.70% of cases had medical treatment and 23.30% of cases had medical and surgical treatment. Mean number of drugs used in both groups was 1.73±0.72. Compliance to treatment was graded as within the range of 0-3. 4.55% was as se seel as 0, 7.95% as 1, 12.50% as 2,and 75% as 3.

Conclusion: Nowadays, although great success is obtained in the medical treatment of the glaucoma,we observed poor medication compliance in great proportion of our cases. Our aim is to educate patients in clinical conditions and improve their compliance with the medical regimen.

Keywords: Glaucoma, Medical compliance

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