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          VOLUME 43 / ISSUE 3

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3 - School health and medicosocial activities

Kenan Çekem, Okcan Basat, Sema Uçak, Can İkizler

Objective: In this study importance of health units which display activities in schools and their contribution to education and training system was evaluated. Healthcare services in schools provide protection from diseases and bad habits, treatment, physical and mental rehabilitation in adolescents. Health state of students in period of development plays important role in their future health.

Methods: In this part of the study correlation of healthcare services and efficacy of education programs were observed. Data of İ.Ü., İ.T.Ü, Uğur High school and Kültür High school were evaluated.

Results: Especially visit/year numbers were found to be very low in university students (0,157-0,486/year).

Conclusions: It is obvious that existing school healthcare services and their executed programs have deficiencies and problems. To be able to overcome these problems ministry of health, ministry of national education and public health departments of universities should organize collective work which will address to problems and figure them out.

Keywords: School Health, student health

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