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          VOLUME 38 / ISSUE 4

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9 - The effect of family planning education on the use of contraceptive method during postpartum period

Ahmet M.Şengül, Mehmet Sargın, Yüksel Altuntaş

Purpose: The aim of this study was to determine the effect family planning education on the use of contraceptive in hods during postpartum period.

Material and Methods: This study was carried out hetwe January 1998 - March 1998 in maternity clinic of I stank University Medical Faculty Hospital. A total of 284 postpc turn women were randomly assigned to control (142 wome and intervention (142 women) groups. After a preliminary q estionnaire was applied to women in both groups, an indii dual education about postpartum family planning was giv to women in the study group and a brochure was distribute 1 year later, a final telephone conversation about tlieir use contraceptive methods was made with women being 125 the study group and 119 in the control group. Results: After the education, the rate of using any contrace five methods rose from 51.0% to 78.0% in the study groi and from 50.0% to 61.4% in the control group. While the rci of using modern contraceptive methods was 28.5% in ti study group and 32.7% in the control group before educatio this rate increased respectively by 27.5% and 7.3% after t) education. Conclusion: We concluded that giving family plannir, education for women before or after postpartum period in. reased the rate of using family planning methods.

Keywords: Education, Family Planning, Contraception me hod

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