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          VOLUME 38 / ISSUE 4

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8 - The importance of contraception in women

Ahmet M. Şengül, Sezgin Özdemir, Yüksel Altuntaş, Nimet Göker

Objective: The purpose of the study was to determine the contraception method choosen by the volunteer women in family planning.

Study Design: Our study inclueded 246 women who were consúltate for any reason to our family planning center. A sociodemografic questionnaire was applied to all patients face to face.

Results: About 95.5% of the patients believe the importance of family planning, whereas %3.7 patients didn‘t have any idea. As the mariage age decreased the number of child increased (p=0.00423). %48.3 of the patients get their contraceptive material from family planning centers, doctors, nurses and %39.9 get their material both from same way and other ways.%32.9 of the patients consúltate to family planning center for dilatation and curetage, %11 to get injected contraceptive material, %37.8 of them to get intrauterine devices, %2.8 to get condom and %38 of them to get oral contraceptive pills.

Conclusion: Family planning and contraception was not only the womens problem, it must be the whole family and comunity problem.

Keywords: Contraception, family planning, education

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